Our customers experience extremely low operating costs – one of the many benefits of electric transportation products.

No gas, no fluids, no internal combustion engine to service; just pure power without the unnecessary fumes or noise. We’re here for the little things you need to be aware of (like charging your battery and keeping air in your tires) and for preventative maintenance to keep your machine running at its best. We are factory certified technicians providing in-house service and repairs for your Segway PT, electric bike, golf cart, and more. We also do repairs on regular bicycles gas scooters, and other personal transportation units. We’re you’re local resource for a broad range of products and services. Call us at 952-224-0897 to schedule an appointment.


Golf Carts/UTVs

Bent axle? No problem. Low on power? We can handle that. Want to upgrade with a lift kit? We’ll take care of it. For all your three and four wheel vehicles, we’re the one-stop-shop for parts, upgrades and repairs.


Bring in your bicycle (electric or otherwise) for anything from a simple tire and tube repair to a full annual maintenance service. We’d be happy to help.


When your battery flashes red, your Infokey displays an unhappy face, or your Gen1 needs the latest software upgrade, bring your Segway product in for personalized attention.

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5500 W 36th Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 | 952.224.0897