Engaging. Dynamic. Memorable.

Have you ever seen a Segway PT ride by without turning heads? Create the buzz you need to move yourself, your brand, and your products forward.

Promotions are about spreading the word: getting yourself, your brand and your product out there. You could take out an ad in the paper, buy a radio spot, or put up a billboard, but that type of static marketing doesn’t move your message. You get lost in the overload of American media.

Now picture this: a dynamic, maneuverable, highly visible fleet of moving advertisements. People who pass by gawk heavily, stop to take pictures, interact with your staff, and go home to tell their family and friends “You’ll never guess what I saw today!” That’s the kind of buzz you want to create; the kind that lives on beyond the first glance. With a Marketing in Motion program from Segway EVOLVE, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Rent a Segway complete with Motion Billboard kit, customized with your logo and graphics, for your next event or promotion. All eyes will be drawn to your unique message, and your staff will automatically wear the “Segway smile” as they promote your business; when your staff are having that much fun, everyone they interact with will feel it! Want us to take the pressure off? Hire our Street Team to provide a fleet of Segway units, Motion Billboards, and personnel to cruise the streets and hand out samples, direct customers to your store-wide sale, or simply get your name on everyone’s minds and lips. Call us today to discover the dynamic marketing heaven you’ve been looking for.

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